Malas – Meditation Beads

Malas or meditation beads are used to aid concentration when chanting a mantra or to wear as a reminder of your values, for example awareness and compassion.

They are usually made from multiples of 27 beads, the long beads being of 108. This is a traditional number but it is the intention which which you chant that is said to be more important.

Mantras are repeated to protect the mind by dwelling on positive thoughts and feelings such as May all beings be well. When meditating on a particular Buddha or Bodhisattva, the mantra associated with them is often chanted, for example Om Mani Padme Hum (pronounced om mani padmey hung) is chanted widely throughout the Buddhist world. Though you could take any aspirational words in your own language and make your own mantra, for example Let there be love.

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The Sound of Reality talk by Padmavajra
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Visible Mantra A resource for visualising and the calligraphy of Buddhist mantras and seed syllables.

Buddhist Goodies Great Lineage

This is a business built on spiritual friendship and has been a mala making business for many years in The Triratna Sangha, previously Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. The business and the method of making malas has been passed on down as Precious Garlands to Sara and Vidyabhadri who have renamed the business Buddhist Goodies in 2010. The lineage goes all the way back into the distant past with Punyamala and Vidyamala. The great mala hand-on thus began, Jutika replaced Punymala. Several years later, Vidyabhadri replaced Vidyamala, till it was reborn as Buddhist Goodies when Sara replaced Jutika.

Sara is now the main contact person and is working with help from friends in the Manchester sangha.  Buddhist Goodies is slowly growing as a right-livelihood business and one of its aims is to provide work for people who may not be able, for health or other reasons, to work full time or regularly. Over time we hope to sell more hand crafted items made by Buddhist practitioners.